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Did You Know?

SNS materials are based on based on American Academy of Pediatric (AAP) guidelines.

SNS is evidence-based and has been shown to work in hospital settings.


Welcome to safensoundallaround! This is the place to learn about Safe N’ Sound (SNS), how it works, how you can use SNS at your hospital or clinic, and how it can help parents prevent their children from being injured in their home or cars.

bear SNS was develdoped to address six injuries that are most serious for young children under the age of four: injuries in cars, falls, suffocation and choking, poisoning, drowning, and burns. SNS is evidence–based and follows injury prevention guidelines from the American Academic of Pediatrics. SNS can be used:


  • At hospitals and pediatric emergency and waiting rooms.
  • At home during well child visits, family resource centers and health fairs.
  • In permanent community outreach venues and outreach and wellness centers offsite.  

 At you will find all the information you need including:

  • Where and When SNS was developed.
  • The exact types of injuries it assesses.
  • What it is and how it works.
  • How it can help parents.

This website also provides information from previous users as well as basic injury statistics and information to help you make the case for injury prevention programming in your hospital. Watch the video we created and follow Angela while she guides you through the very simple steps of using SNS!

SNS is completely free of charge – you need to use your own computer and printer, but the software can be loaded quickly from the website, or once we send you the flash drive or disc. If you decide to use SNS at your facility, you can return to this website to find all of the necessary materials to guide you with the process. There is a detailed toolkit you can download, or we can send you a paper copy if you’d prefer. We only ask that you read and accept a disclaimer so that we can make sure you agree to the terms of use.

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